Provincial Health Order Restrictions (as of March 11, 2022):

1. Masks are no longer required. It is now your personal choice to wear one or not. 

2. Until April 8, 2022, Proof of Vaccination is required for anyone entering the studio ages 22+. Children and Youth under age 22 are exempt. This will apply to our Adult Dance Participants, Tiny Tots & Little Ones Adult Participants and any parents coming inside the studio for drop-off or to watch in the lobby. Please be prepared to show your BC Vaccine Card & Photo ID on the first day of classes. We will keep a record of confirmation so that you only need to provide this information once. 

Communicable Disease Prevention: 4 Step Plan

  1. Understand the risk
    1. The Beat Administration will continue to stay up-to-date with Provincial Health Guidelines & recommended prevention strategies by monitoring and reviewing information from the BC Government, Worksafe BC, and Island Health.
  2. Implement measures, practices, and policies to reduce the risk
    1. Daily Health Checks: All employees are to conduct a Daily Health Check before reporting for work. All clients, guests, rental groups are to conduct a Daily Health Check before entering the studio. Anyone who is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 are encouraged to stay home. If anyone feels sick at the studio, they will be asked to go home immediately. 
    2. Hand Hygiene: effective hand hygiene practices will still be in effect. Hand sanitizer and hand soap is available in multiple locations inside the studio. 
    3. Signage: reminders for healthy hand hygiene, sneeze/cough protocol and Daily Health Checks will be inside the studio.
    4. Cleaning: we will continue to sanitize the studios and all touchable surfaces before/after each class. Regular washroom and lobby checks will also be completed.
    5. Air circulation: each studio has fresh air flow by opening our sliding glass doors. 
    6. Other measures: we will maintain one-way flow of traffic in our studios with separate entrances/exits, masks are optional/personal choice, we have systems in place for contact tracing if necessary.
  3. Communicate measures, practices, and policies
    1. Employees will receive this information/plan at our Staff Meetings..
    2. This plan is available on our website: and will be posted inside the studio.
    3. All clients sign a waiver upon registration acknowledging the risks of COVID-19 transmission in our community & our studio policies.
    4. Signage for healthy hand hygiene, sneeze/cough protocol and Daily Health Checks will be inside the studio.
  4. Monitor your workplace and update your plan as necessary.
    1. The Beat Administration will check-in regularly with employees and clients about this plan and any concerns that may arise.

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