2023/24 Faculty

Paige Anderson is born and raised in Victoria. Paige knew she found her life-long love & passion when she set foot into her very first dance class. Paige has trained in many genres including Ballet, Jazz, Pointe, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Acro & Contemporary. She has performed in numerous charity events all over the island & at events such as the Harlem Globetrotters & the Mini Pop Kids tour. When she began assisting and teaching classes, Paige realized her love for inspiring children. She is excited to continue her dance journey teaching at The Beat.

Born and raised in Victoria BC, Alex first began tap dancing at the age of 3 and over time continued to add multiple styles to her training such as jazz, ballet, hip hop, sass, bhangra, ballroom and contemporary. Over the years Alex has had the opportunity to train and teach at Janice Tooby MacDonald Dance studio, Boston Dance Collective and Arthur Murray along with schools such as Spectrum, Colquitz, Oak Bay and Reynolds. She was a performer in “Magic & Miracles” across Canada and continues to take part in music videos and live shows. Alex currently teaches at RNS Dance and she is thrilled to be sharing her passion for dance at The Beat as well!

Mady was born on the East Coast & started dancing at the age of 4 at Dartmouth Dance Academy. She has participated in various sports including gymnastics which has given her complimentary skills as a dancer. Mady moved across the country with her family at the age of 10. She participated in SD62 Dance Academies as well as Dunsmuir DMSIZ Hip Hop crew where she found her passion. Mady has been the TA for the Dunsmuir Crews & danced with Vibestreet for the past few years which has given her the opportunity to grow as a Hip Hop dancer. Her love of Hip Hop and all things dance are her inspiration and she’s looking forward to sharing her passion with everyone at The Beat.

Chelsea is the owner & office manager of The Beat. She has been in love with Dance her whole life. She trained in a variety of styles in Victoria and discovered her love of teaching at a young age. Chelsea is a certified Teacher and has her Masters in Leadership & Administration. She has been the Director of the Dance Program and Choreographer of the Musical Theatre Program at Claremont Secondary in Saanich since 2005. She is certified with IDTS (International Dance Teaching Standards) and continues to share her expertise and passion for dance with The Beat.

Molly has been dancing at The Beat since day one! She then found a love for all styles of dance including jazz, contemporary, hip hop (especially) and more. Molly has been in SD62 dance academies for 7 years now, working with a variety of instructors in many styles. This has allowed her to expand her training as well as experience. Molly was also a Teacher Assistant at The Beat for 5 years; learning how to instruct and provide a positive and functional class environment for her students. Molly can’t wait to bring many smiles to her classes this year!

Raised in Victoria, BC, Julia began dancing at the age of 9. It was after studying for 4 months with the Tokyo Ballet School, that she began her focused training with The Ballet Victoria Conservatory from their inaugural year. After a few years of intensive training, Julia attended The Royal Winnipeg Ballet School’s Professional Division Program. She concluded her professional dance training and three-year studies at RWB and graduated in 2021. Upon graduation, Julia was invited to join Ballet Victoria Conservatory, Protégé Dance, and CARSA Recreational Center as a faculty member. Along with this, she is currently obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from The University of Victoria. With her wide-ranging and versatile dance background, both the Beat and Julia are excited to have her teach classes for the coming year!

Elena was in dance classes as soon as she turned 3 and hasn’t stopped since. She graduated from Claremont Secondary where she took part in the dance program all 4 years under the direction of Chelsea. Elena started dancing at Dansko, then experienced Ukrainian Dance with Veselka and spent the past several years with Protege Dance where she got a taste of the competitive dance world. Elena assisted dance classes, then started teaching, focusing on the Littles. She is excited to share her passion for teaching the youngest of dancers at The Beat.

Ava has been dancing since she was two years old. She has always been surrounded by dance because her mom is an incredible dancer and teacher. Ava trained in many different genres of dance including jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary and hip hop. She knew at a young age that hip hop is her passion. She trained with a crew from Vibestreet dance studio called “lil g’s”. Lil g’s crew competed in many different places including World of Dance Florida. Ava loves teaching dance and is so excited to be back at The Beat!

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