Charlotte Aitken (Instructor)

Charlotte was born and raised in Victoria and began dancing at the age of nine. She knew she loved to dance after taking her first class, and has gone on to train and compete in jazz, tap, ballet, modern, contemporary, and modern stage. Now an ADAPT certified teacher, (Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers), Charlotte can’t wait to share her love of dancing and performing with the students at The Beat.

Paige Anderson (Instructor)

Paige Anderson is born and raised in Victoria. Paige knew she found her life-long love & passion when she set foot into her very first dance class. Paige has trained in many genres including Ballet, Jazz, Pointe, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Acro & Contemporary. She has performed in numerous charity events all over the island & at events such as the Harlem Globetrotters & the Mini Pop Kids tour. When she began assisting and teaching classes, Paige realized her love for inspiring children. She is excited to continue her dance journey teaching at The Beat.

Madi Bains (Instructor)

Madi found her passion for dance at the age of three while taking her first tap class. From that moment forward, Madi has been training in a variety of styles of dance including jazz, hip hop, ballet, contemporary and modern. She has competed on various competitions teams throughout Victoria in small & large groups, and even as a solo and duet performer. Madi currently dances with the UVIC Dance Company. She is mastering her skills for teaching at UVIC in hopes to become a dance teacher in public schools. Madi can’t wait to share her love for dance with the students at the Beat.

Chelsea Giordano (Owner/Office Manager)

Chelsea has been in love with Dance her whole life. She trained in a variety of styles in Victoria and discovered her love of teaching at a young age. Chelsea is a certified Teacher and has her Masters in Leadership & Administration. She has been the Director of the Dance Program and Choreographer of the Musical Theatre Program at Claremont Secondary in Saanich since 2005. She is certified with IDTS (International Dance Teaching Standards) and continues to share her expertise and passion for dance with The Beat.

Molly James (Instructor)

Molly has been dancing at The Beat since day one, where she found a love for dance, training in styles such as Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz and more. She has also danced in School Academies for several years now, expanding her training and experience. Molly has been a Teacher Assistant at The Beat for 4 years learning how to instruct and provide a positive class environment for her students. Molly is excited to share her passion for dance with her own students at The Beat.

Dyllon Pallot (Instructor)

Dyllon Pallot is a Canadian born performing artist & dance teacher. He found his passion for dance through musical theatre when he was 12 years old. In 2011, Dyllon joined the competitive crew “GTX” competing all over the island & lower mainland. In 2015, Dyllon was chosen to represent Team Canada West in Rimini, Italy at the International Dance Organization, finishing 4th in the World. Dyllon is still training & competing with 2 Vancouver-based crews: “Vancity Footclan” and “The Knights of the Round.” He hopes to pass on his knowledge of hip hop history, foundation & choreography to all of his students.

Sophie Tarasoff (Instructor)

Sophie grew up in Victoria, dancing for as long as she can remember. She started classes at age 4, studying jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary and hip hop. She danced for many years at her studio and in school, but in her last year at high school, she decided to try something new and became a teaching assistant for the Claremont Secondary Dance Program. This sparked her interest in teaching and she began working at The Beat right after graduation. Sophie is so grateful to be a part of such an amazing team and to be able to share her love of dance with her students at The Beat.

Ava Vander Haegen (Instructor)

Ava has been dancing since she was two years old & also watched her mom dance and teach dance her whole life. She has trained in many different genres of dance including Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary and Hip Hop. When she got older she realized Hip Hop was her passion. Ava was a part of a crew called Lil g’s, they competed all over the island, other parts of Canada and in Florida. Since she was sixteen she knew she had a passion for teaching. She is excited to be teaching at The Beat and sharing her vibe.

Amanda Youell (Instructor)

Amanda took her first dance class at the age of 7. She quickly found a passion for the art and began training in Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Contemporary. She has competed in all genres, but Tap was by far her favourite. Amanda is currently studying at the University of Victoria and is aspiring to be a Teacher. Amanda is excited to share her love for dance with her students at The Beat!

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