Year Long Classes (Sept-June)

Technique (Year long Class)

Technique class is for dancers grades 8+ who want to strengthen their dance technique and further improve their skills in their other classes. Tech class will focus on Jazz Technique, flexibility, and strength exercises. Stretching, centre work, jumps, turns, short combos and more will be explored, all helping dancers solidify their dance training and success…


Tap (Year Long)

Tap Classes Tap dance is a percussive style of dance using the taps on tap shoes to make rhythms and patterns with the music.  The focus of tap dancing is on footwork and execution of rhythms, but also incorporates jazz dance style. Classes consist of warm-up, technique, centre work, cross-floors and upbeat choreography. Tap shoes…


Ballet (Year Long)

Ballet Classes Ballet is a classical dance style involving grace, precision and discipline. Specific positioning of the body and technique are learned to classical music. It can be considered the foundation for solid dance training in other styles.  Classes will consist of Barre work, centre work, cross floors and choreography in the RAD method of…


Lyrical/Contemporary (Year Long)

Lyrical/Contemporary Classes Lyrical and Contemporary Dance is a newer style of dance that blends Ballet, Jazz, and Modern dance together. Contemporary explores creative movement often inspired by the music, slower tempos, and emotion of the choreography.  Classes consist of a warm-up, technical instruction, cross-floor exercises, and expressive choreography. Year long Lyrical and Contemporary classes are offered for…


Hip Hop (Year Long)

Hip Hop Classes Hip Hop Dance is a blend of different styles of movement and Street Dance including everything from old-skool funk, popping & locking, to street jazz, urban dance, and mainstream Hip Hop dance. Classes are high energy and the choreography is upbeat. All music we use is clean and appropriate for all. Classes consist of a warm-up, technique/foundations,…


Jazz (Year long)

Jazz Classes Jazz Dance originates from a variety of dance styles such as African & Swing, and moves us through time with new and inspired movements from Broadway, Pop Music, and different Dance Companies and Choreographers. Classes consist of a warm-up, technical instruction, cross-floor exercises, and stylized choreography inspired by upbeat music. Jazz is a great…


Little Ones Classes (starting at age 2)

Little Ones Classes (starting at age 2) Starting at age 2, we offer 8-week classes to introduce your little one to basic movement and technique to music. Sing-along songs, creative movement and games all included! Yearlong classes are offered starting at Kindergarten age. The following classes are offered for Little Ones: Yearlong classes: Our Kiddies level…


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