Adult Classes

Our Adult classes run in 8-week sessions. We currently offer 2 classes for Adults: 

First Session starts September 28/30. 

Adult Dance Mix (Beginner Level): It’s never too late to try a dance class! For Beginner adults, this class will give you a taste of several dance styles such as Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, maybe even some Tap; a sampler class if you will. Classes include stretch and strength exercises, movement and choreography. Each week is a new style. No experience necessary!

Adult Jazz Fusion (Int/Adv Level): For adults who want to continue dancing, this class will keep you challenged and doing what you love. Dance experience is required. Classes include stretch & strength, cross-floor exercises, and choreography. Each week is a new combo and will explore different styles of jazz such as Broadway, Commercial, Contemporary, Street, etc.

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